Louisa's Porch Conversation Loft

Solar Panels Installed at Louisa’s Porch

Louisa's Porch solar panels

Reduce our carbon footprint and lower electricity costs

There’s no getting around the fact that we humans use electrical energy and that generating that energy has unfortunate impacts on our environment. We at Louisa’s Porch recently decided to help mitigate some of this impact by installing Solar Panels on the Southeast and Southwest roofs of our hundred year old bed and breakfast.

Last winter, with the removal of two large Ash trees on the Southern edge of the property, there was an opportunity to install Solar Panels and create some portion of our own electricity. What we don’t use, we’ll feed back into the electrical grid.

We have already initiated other sustainable initiatives at Louisa’s Porch, such as our use of geothermal heating and cooling, aggressive recycling and elimination of small plastic containers for shampoos and conditioners.

We hope that our efforts are appreciated by conscientious visitors.