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Celebrating Root Vegetables

Did you hear the news?  November is the month to celebrate root vegetables! If you’re anything like me (a gardener or slightly obsessive vegetable fiend), you’ve probably been relishing root vegetables for much of the year already.  Anyone who has harvested radishes in the springtime knows how satisfying it is to pull these little beauties out of the ground–and eat them!–so early in the season.


But now, deep into fall, root vegetables continue to provide us with nutritious goodness while so many other vegetables have abandoned us until summer.  Beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes? Yes, please, and thank you!  Asheville’s sustainable farming organization ASAP has chosen root vegetables for their Get Local campaign for the month of November. We at Louisa’s Porch have jumped on board.

How have we incorporated root veggies into our breakfasts?  Two words: breakfast salad. Christine and I often include lightly dressed greens on the side of more traditional breakfast foods like eggs, biscuits, or sausage, but some salads are so spectacular that they deserve a more central spot on the breakfast plate. This salad I made last week is one example.


Roasted beets, shredded carrots, rosemary fig goat cheese, and spicy candied pecans sat on top of spinach and arugula, which all came together with a tangy apple cider vinaigrette. This is the type of dish that most would probably associate with dinner, but works surprisingly well in the morning along with some bacon, a simple frittata and coffee.

Sweet potatoes also make regular appearances at Louisa’s Porch.


My go-to method of preparation is to roast them, an easy process that concentrates their sweet flavor while juxtaposing their creamy interior with a slightly crunchy exterior.


They form a simple side dish, seasoned with a variety of flavor combinations like cinnamon, ginger, cumin, chile powder, or paprika. I also like to roast them alongside peppers, garlic, and onions and top them with a fried egg to make a hearty and tasty hash.

The greens growing in our backyard kitchen garden pair nicely with sweet potatoes too.

DSC01836 DSC01837

The most recent breakfast I prepared included a frittata of roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed greens (kale, mustard, swiss chard and radish), and feta cheese. A Louisa’s Porch guest captured this lovely shot right before she dug into her meal.


(As a side note, if one eats healthy root vegetables for breakfast, don’t you think it’s acceptable to include a dessert-y sweet treat on the side?  I agree.  Besides for the frittata, sausage, and buttermilk biscuit, I also served a lavender honey panna cotta topped with almonds and lemon curd. Dessert for breakfast? Perhaps that will be the topic of another post!)

Next month we’ll celebrate the magnificent and versatile pumpkin. This hungry visitor at Louisa’s Porch must have already heard the news.

DSC01827 DSC01828