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Celebrating Root Vegetables

Nov 18, 2013

Did you hear the news?  November is the month to celebrate root vegetables! If you’re anything like me (a gardener or slightly obsessive vegetable fiend), you’ve probably been relishing root vegetables for much of the year already.  Anyone who has harvested radishes in the springtime knows how satisfying it is to pull these little beauties… Read more »

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From Orchard to Kitchen: Apple Love at Louisa’s Porch

The transition from summer to fall tends to be bittersweet. But this year, with a blue-skied and sunny fall replacing a mostly grey and rainy summer, the seasonal shift in Asheville is downright celebratory!  There are plenty of other reasons to welcome autumn in Asheville besides for the weather,  including the abundance of apples growing... Read more » Read more
Louisa's Porch solar panels

Solar Panels Installed at Louisa’s Porch

Your hosts at Louisa’s Porch have always tried to be responsible citizens and minimize our impact on the planet. In tune with that philosophy, we have recently installed photovoltaic panels onto the roof with the idea of creating a portion of our own electricity and reducing our carbon footprint. Read more